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All those who wish to do so will be given technical assistance, via e-mail, to all those questions concerning the advice on planting an orchard: peach, plum, apricot, apple tree, pear tree, actinidia, vine, etc .; soil preparation, chemical analysis of the soil, chemical and organic fertilization, choice of varieties and the relative rootstocks, which types of plants to buy for a quick start in production, choice of form of cultivation and planting distances. We will deal with topics such as pruning for breeding and production, the importance of green pruning, the thinning of fruits, and how to preserve them longer after harvesting.

An important issue to be addressed is that of the difficulties in recognizing the various diseases (fungi, bacteria, viruses, insects etc.) and the relative defense, especially for those who are not professionals in the sector. This topic will be dealt with by sending, by e-mail from our customers, photos of sick products (leaves, flowers, branches, fruits, roots, etc.).

Clarifications on the type of disease, on the prevention and treatment of them will be subsequently provided. Plant protection products, even organic, will be suggested, even for those who do not have the appropriate license.

We will also answer, by e-mail, all those questions that customers could have, for example, on the moon and the pruning periods, the plant that blooms and does not produce, the cherry tree that keeps the leaves dry during the winter, the apples that are wormed, such as pruning an old plant to restart its growth or reduce its height while always maintaining a high production, the table grape varieties that do not need treatment, the flat nectarine peaches, the yellow kiwi etc.

Do not hesitate to tell us your doubts, for us it will be a pleasure to answer you in the clearest and most comprehensible way for everyone, even, if not especially, for the less experienced, to involve you and get passionate about the world of agriculture, which basically affects everyone much more up close than you think.


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