Soil and foliar analysis

The interpretation of soil analysis, to improve fertilization, is a goal that requires knowledge, skills and a cultural change, to move from a business management problem to the awareness of a widespread environmental problem.

Cordioli Srl will help you obtain information that will allow you to know the optimal dose of fertilizer in relation to the real needs of the crops, the availability of soil nutrients and the climatic conditions in order to detect if there are elements present in doses such as to allow to reduce fertilization, contribute to a correct diagnosis of any alterations or affections of crops through the identification of deficiencies, imbalances or excesses of elements.

The company will also allow you to know the general characteristics of the soil to better orientate the work, irrigation and the choice of rootstocks and identify the nutrients lacking and capable of limiting agricultural production.

Another tool available to better photograph the situation of the crop in question is the leaf analysis, which is carried out in the vegetative and productive period, therefore it allows to understand if there have been errors or shortcomings in the fertilization that led to deficiencies and correct the shot in progress.


Soil analysis

Soil analysis

Soil analysis is an indispensable tool for the correct setting of fertilization plans in order to ob...

Leaf analysis

Leaf analysis

The analysis of plant tissues, in particular of leaves, is an indispensable tool for diagnosing nutr...


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